Gnome and Color Hogging

I am currently rebuilding a large software project into RedHat Linux (v7) from Solaris.  I am having trouble with the colormap and how many colors Gnome uses in it.  My system has to run in 8-bit color mode due to some legacy support requirements.  Our Sun system only uses about 40 colors of the 256, leaving the rest for applications to use.  Gnome seems to use all of them but one or two.  KDE seems to leave about 100 or so, but we prefer to run the software in Gnome.  I tried configuring the color palette with the imlib configuration utility, but these settings don't seem to effect the icons in the menus and on the Panel.  Restricting imlib-config to 2 colors (black and white) still only leaves about 8 colors free in the colormap.
So, I have 2 questions.  First, is there a utility in Linux to view the current contents of the colormap (like xcolor in Unix)?  I have been running xcolor on my unix box, displaying the window on the linux computer as a temporary workaround.  gcolorsel seems to only display the contents of rgb.txt and not the current state of the colormap.
The second question is how can I limit how many colors are used by Gnome when it loads to solve this colormap "hogging" problem?  Even if the desktop and icons used only 16 colors and left the rest for our software that would be perfect.
Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks,  Mark
Mark Cuss
Junior Real Time Systems Analyst
CDL Systems Ltd
3553 - 31 Street NW
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 289-1733 ext 26
mcuss cdlsystems com

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