Re: Set the Gnome panel window layer from another application?

On Fri, Dec 29, 2000 at 04:44:25PM -0600, Joshua Horvath wrote:
> I've been doing some hacking on the galeon browser and am trying to implement a
> fullscreen mode.  Right now I'm using wm hints to set the browser window to
> WIN_LAYER_ABOVE_DOCK, but this is a pain since any dialogs or new windows must
> also be manually set to the same layer or they will be displayed below the
> fullscreen window.
> What I'd really like to do is set the panel to WIN_LAYER_BELOW when fullscreen
> mode is activated and return it to WIN_LAYER_DOCK when deactivated.  Is it
> possible to do this from within another application?  The control center must
> communicate with the panel somehow, since it can set this property, but I don't
> know anything about how it works.

You could set the hints directly on the panel windows and then restore them
back.  However that does seem like a pain and error prone.

I don't see why setting the layer is so bad, just set up a "dialog setup"
function that will set the right layer according to the mode.  That should be
much less painful and much cleaner anyway.


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