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> "Stephen Browne" <stephen browne ireland sun com> writes:
> > 
> > Can anyone tell me the status of the docs at
> > I can see that some of them are quite old.
> > 
> > Is all this information true? the stuff on VFS for example? Are there
> any
> > new GNOME widgets?
> > Are there any plans to update these pages?
> >
> I think they should probably be assumed out of date, though some
> things may happen to still be true. I don't know of anyone working on
> updating these pages.

I'm not aware of anyone working on this either, and I try to keep track
of the changes to the websites.

> > Also there is a short list on the standards page.  Are there any more?
> > 
> There are some other standards mentioned on
> that might be interesting.
> If you know anyone interested in updating these pages, it's in CVS as
> the 'web-devel-2' module...

Be warned, though, that there's a rather weird structure to these pages,
and it requires a couple of extra packages to be able to "compile" the
website.  There are a few people who know it well enough to make
changes, but there aren't enough of them to keep the website in good
working order, let alone to make large changes and maintain and update
documents.  This is in the process of changing, so if you want to help
out there are a couple of web-something lists at 


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