Re: How to change label font ?

Dave Peticolas wrote:

Adam Olejniczak writes:

Hello to all

my question is if it's possible to change the label font ? bake it bigger or something

if it is how to do this and if it's not what widget can i use in the place of label ?

What do you mean by the 'label font'? Do you mean the font used in
the register? In the stable version, that is a compile-time constant,
so you would need to recompile gnucash (I can tell you where to make
the change). The next version of gnucash will allow you to set the
register fonts using the gui.


i will try to explain: let say i create new window than ie. hbox and i pack a label widget in it. Label widget font is the default font and i would like to make it bigger like the any gnome about dialog the name of the app or the word Author:

but how to do this ?


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