Re: How to change label font ?

Adam Olejniczak writes:
> i will try to explain: let say i create new window than ie. hbox and i 
> pack a label widget in it. Label widget font is the default font and i 
> would like to make it bigger like the any gnome about dialog the name of 
> the app or the word Author:

Oh, wow, my apologies. My mail filter screwed up and I thought your
message was coming from a completely different mailing list. That's
what I get for being in a hurry.

Anyway, since I've already made an ass of myself, I'll go ahead and
take a stab at an answer. I believe the way to change label fonts is
use a GtkStyle:

  GtkStyle *style;

  style = gtk_widget_get_style(GTK_WIDGET(label));

  style = gtk_style_copy(style);

  style->font = <the GdkFont you want to use>

  gtk_widget_set_style(label, style);


But you might want to wait for someone who is more awake to give
you a better answer :)


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