Re: gdm 2.0.95 and general gdm issues

George wrote:
> To install over rpms (like I did:) Use the following configure options:
> --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc/X11 --localstatedir=/var

Compiles fine for me (RH6.2 + HELIX).
> ItWorksForMe(tm), and your millage may vary.  The new featuers are:
> - Autologin (AutomaticLogin key in [daemon] section of gdm.conf)
>   This is a string key that if it's set then gdm will log in that
>   user without prompting on the first time it runs a local server.
>   Will not autologin "root" though as that would be dumb.
>   (and it's of course OFF by default)

This works for me, but it does not use the language you previously
in gdm. This is, it should use locale es (Spanish) and not English.
> - You can have your cursor anywhere while you log in, yay!

At least!
> - [greeter]/BackgroundProgram thingie.  A program that is run from
>   the greeter and killed when the greeter exists.  useful for things
>   that do some cool graphics on the root window.

Does not seems to work for me. I tried under [greeter] the
BackgroundProgram= thing
with "gtcd", "/usr/bin/gtcd", "/usr/X11R6/lib/xscreensaver/xroger" ...
but none
of this executes.
> - If greeter keeps segfaulting, it will "unmanage" that display so that you
>   can actually log in on a console
> - Slave process is actually forked
> - Bugfixes galore

Not tested :)

Another "problem" I see is that when I do "killall gdm" it restarts, but
will log on
with the default user (autologin), is it suposed not to do this when


Manuel Clos,
llanero jazzfree com

use what's best for you. Don't use what you feel you "have" to.

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