tasklist alert

I have a question for the gnome developers/users - would it be a wanted feature to allow the tasklist to in some way 'alert' users that a window want their attention? Apps can have pop ups and sound or whatnot, but popups are just plain annoying, and sound won't work for a lot of people (for example, I don't have speakers on my workstation at work). I was thinking of somehow making it possible for an application to signal that it wants an alert, and then the tasklist or whatever app could see this and somehow show it. The tasklist might do this by, perhaps, blinking a different color, or changing the icon somehow, or whatever (perhaps user configurable). This could be done, I would think, using window manager hints? Then, any program that sets this hint would have to be correctly programmed to clear the hint once it's window receives focus.

Also, if anyone wants this feature, and I started working on it, should I work from the latest released tarball or CVS HEAD, or another CVS branch?

Sean Middleditch

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