Re: tasklist alert

Havoc Pennington writes:
|Should be done as part of the window manager spec
|(; in fact the spec may already have this kind of
|thing. Bring it up on wm-spec-list gnome org if you don't see it in
|the spec.

There's a bit in the WM_HINTS property called `Urgency' that's used
for this - if a window has the bit set the wm is recommended to go to
extra lengths to make the user aware it.

Sawfish has support for reading this hint, but to my knowledge no
themes use it (they need to call window-urgent-p and, if it returns
true, do something special to their window decorations)

It would definitely make sense for the tasklist to read this bit as

However, I don't know if (m)any applications actually set this bit..


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