Re: Antialiased images in gnome-pixmap

Loban Rahman <loban earthling net> writes:
> (1) Why don't gnome-pixmap's keep their images' alpha channels?

GnomePixmap is quite old, it predates GdkPixbuf and the alpha channel
rendering code.

> (2) Is there a widget that I can use that doesn't have this problem?

GtkImage from GTK+ 2.0, long-term, not really available now.

> (3) What does the Gnome Panel use (it has antialiasing)?

Probably just draws its own stuff. Since it's open source, you could
copy the panel's code.

It's not hard to write your own code to do this, just create a drawing
area and connect an expose handler to render a GdkPixbuf with alpha.


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