Re: Is use of Gnome-MDI recommended?

kažkada, berods Št, 2001-01-20 00:00+0000, Ross Golder rašė:
> If it's for public use, consider things from the end-user's perspective.
> I'd recommend imitating the interface used by the other major GNOME
> (/Gtk) applications, such as Gnumeric, AbiWord, etc. Each 'document' is
> open in a seperate window. I would probably try to make an HTML editor
> resemble Abiword as closely as I could, so that the end-user who knows
> how to use use Abiword (most end-users) wouldn't have too steep a
> learning curve when trying their hand at the HTML editor.

It does not mean using MDI is bad. If the user wants this behavior, with MDI
mode "Toplevel" it gets exactly this behavior. So, make it the default mode.
But if someone wants notebook, modal views, (or window in window ;-)), they
can choose that behavior.

You usually work with only one text document. But working with HTML
documents, you often have several windows open, and tasklist it is not so
easy to work with 10 windows, each having it's own menu and toolbar. At
least if Mac mode menus (and even toolbars) were available, then OK, windows
are just documents. But good HTML editors have tenths of buttons in their
toolbars, and duplicating them in every window is difficult to use. You want
to see documents, not toolbars ;-)

These are the arguments for "Go on, do it with MDI!"

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