Re: Documentation on session management

I figure I'll ask some of my questions right here.

The docs I found on had a list of the signals
available from GnomeClient. Most of them have no important arguments
whatsoever. But, the save-yourself signal, which it says is the most
important, has a butt-load of arguments, but there are no docs on
what they are for.

My questions:
(1) What signals should I connect at a bare minimum? I'm assuming
    just the save-yourself and die signals are enough.
(2) What are the arguments for save-yourself?
(3) If the session-manage is trying to close the session, how can
    my app tell it to stop? Die and all other signals except
    save-yourself return void, so I can't provide feedback to the
    session manager with those. What does the return value of
    save-yourself tell the session-manager?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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