Re: Documentation on session management

After a more thorough reading at, I just found out 
the answers to a bunch of my question in the last email I sent to this
list. Seems that gnome_client_request_interaction() and
gnome_interaction_key_return() were the functions I was looking for
to answer question (3). As for question (1), the save-yourself signal
seems to be the only one all apps should connect to at a minimum.
As for (1), if no one answers, I'll probably have to look at the
source ...

A couple more questions. Does the save-yourself signal have an
argument stating whether a shutdown is in process or not? My
application has a network connection open. I don't have any "state"
to save on a save-yourself emission, but I want to query the user
whether I want to break the network connection, and if not, stop
the shutdown. However, I only what to ask about breaking the
network connection if the save-yourself emmision occured during
a shutdown - there's no point breaking it on non-shutdown situation.

	= L

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