Problem compiling Gnome-Core-1.2.4

I am trying to compile gnome-core-1.2.4 sources on a SuSE 6.4 Linux
system.  I have downloaded the latest sources from the ftp site.
Everything compiles just fine till I get to gnome-core.  I get the
following errors when compiling:

gnome-hint.c:119: structure has no member named 'root'
gnome-hint.c:121: structure has no member named 'root'
gnome-hint.c:126: structure has no member named 'root'

Below is a sample of the section of code that is causing the problem.

static void
read_hints_from_file(char *file)
	xmlDocPtr doc;
	xmlNodePtr cur;
	doc = xmlParseFile(file);
	if(!doc) return;

	if(!doc->root ||
	   !doc->root->name ||
	   strcmp(doc->root->name,"GnomeHints")!=0) {

	for(cur = doc->root->childs; cur; cur = cur->next) {
		char *str;
		if(!cur->name || strcmp(cur->name,"Hint")!=0)
		str = get_i18n_string(doc, cur, "Content");
		if(str) {
			hintlist = g_list_prepend(hintlist,str);


Thanks in advance.

Douglas G. Phillips
ITS/User Services
Eastern Illinois University

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