I now have found some file named "mc.keys" in "/usr/share/mime-info" which
seems to affect the way Gnome handles file types.
I found an entry called "video/*" which seems to set a non-user-changeable
action for all kind of video files. But what's the "open" entry in GnomeCC's
MIME-config-applet for? The "view" entry seems to do its work there.
Also, the view-entry in mc.keys doesn't seem to do anything.

I even tried to modifiy mc.keys and ~/.gnome/mime-info/user.keys, but I never
worked the way I thought it should. It's all weired.

So is there any known bug on that?

Is there anyone who could please explain me this or give me a hint where
to find documentation to this?

Thanks for your help and time.

Rolf Schaeuble
That that is is that that is not is not.

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