Background for dummies... ;)

Hi all,
	I'm writing a little program for Gnome, just for fun... I'd need to do a thing, and don't know how to do! And neither if I can, to tell the truth... ;) May you help me?
	I'd need to set a picture in a window, that occupies it entirely (but this isn't the problem), and place some other pictures on it... actually, a background and a table upon it, with pixmaps in the cells. I must be able to change the cell pixmaps, of course; now, I've placed the back pixmap on all the cells of a gtk_table, and then (...actually, before... I noticed that gtk_widget_show_all shows on top the objects created for first...why?) the pixmaps in the single cells... but... this leads to 'random' results, for when Sawfish tips are displayed, or the window is refreshed otherwise, the foreground pixmaps that don't need to be refreshed simply disappear, because the background is redisplayed covering them...
	so... is there a way to "send in the bottom" a widget? And, I'd need to do it everytime a widget is refreshed... so is there an event that tells me so? Must I bind all the widgets to this event? It's long... ;) Isn't there a more elegant way? Something like set_gnome_app_background?? ;) Or a way to draw the back and the table in seperate layers?
	Thanx so much, and sorry for the poor english.. I hope you've understood my problem! <:)
		mano :)

PS1:I'm learning on Havoc Pennington's book, in the italian translation... it's a marvellous work, but if I may make a humble suggestion, there it's specified how to compile a gtk program (gcc `gtk-config --cflags --conf` etc.), but not how to do the same for gnome... the sintax is a little bit different, and IMHO with the addition of nothing more than two lines, it would save minutes of unease to the beginners... like me! ;)

PS2:I was forgetting... have a nice day! :)

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