gnome_app helper functions

I am concerned about the following problems with gnome-libs/libgnomeui's,
gnome-app, gnome-app-helpers and gnom-app-utils files. I'm hoping that we can
fix these before the interface is frozen again.

There are 'helper' functions for dealing with GtkToolbars and GtkMenuShells.
The code would have been more clearly organised if these widgets were
subclassed. I guess that didn't happen because no new member data was
required and it seemed easier just to add a few functions. But by adding
functions that act primarily on GTK+ widgets you are effectively adding to
the 'interface' of those widgets. C allows you to quietly step outside of
the GtkObject system like this, but language-bindings (in this case Gtk--)
which are centered around the GtkObject system will have to pass your design
flaws on to their users.
e.g. gnome_app_setup_toolbar()

If a function argument must be a GtkMenuShell because the function uses
GTK_MENUSHELL() then that argument should be a GtkMenuShell*, not a
GtkWidget*. The idea of an interface is that you don't have to look at the
e.g gnome_app_find_menu_pos().

Will you accept patches if I fix this for you? Bear in mind that I would
create new widgets just for the purpose of organising the code.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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