Re: gnome_app helper functions

Murray Cumming <murrayc usa net> writes: 
> Will you accept patches if I fix this for you? Bear in mind that I would
> create new widgets just for the purpose of organising the code.

I agree with both criticisms, but my opinion is that these interfaces
are more fundamentally broken but basically working, so we should just
leave them 100% backward compatible until such time as they can get
fixed in more fundamental ways. i.e. we already have the lame hack
solution, so there's no point breaking compat to get the
somewhat-less-lame-hack solution, then again to get
just-a-bit-less-lame-than-that, etc. Better to leave it 100%
compatible and work on a real menu/toolbar API (which IMO should go in
GTK itself, and won't happen for 2.0 but 2.2 could follow 2.0
reasonably soon).


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