Re: [Re: gnome_app helper functions]

Murray Cumming <murrayc usa net> writes:
> Are there any concrete plans to fix it properly? If not, then it would be
> unwise to wait around until a plan magically appears. It's better to make
> progress.

There are, yes. It will get fixed in a future GTK. The Bonobo menu API
also sort of replaces it. So there is no real reason to proliferate
yet more menu APIs. ;-) 
> And when could 2.0 happen? As far as I understand it 1.4 comes first. If so,
> then nobody could sensibly expect 2.0 to happen any time soon.

No, there is no 1.4. 2.0 is next, then a 2.2 or so. 2.2 will maybe be
just API additions with no architectural breakage, though that isn't
set in stone, that would make it come reasonably soon (maybe 9-12
months or so after 2.0, which isn't that far different from GNOME 2.0
I'm guessing).

> Let's at least fix the type in gnome_app_find_menu_pos() and similar. That's
> quite minor.

The principle that I think applies here is "if you're deprecating an
API, don't also break it if you can help it." i.e. deprecated APIs are
by definition only present for backward compatibility reasons, not for
new code, so changing them to clean up newly-written code is sort of


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