Re: Message Boxes / 5:3 Ratio

> That's a good rule.  And I recommend to write it this way:
> if (druid_data.submit_type == SUBMIT_TO_SELF ||
>     druid_data.submit_type == SUBMIT_REPORT) {
>         GtkWidget *d;
>         char *m;
>         m = g_strdup_printf (_("\
> '%s' doesn't seem to exist. You won't be able to actually\n\
> submit a bug report, but you will be able to save it to a file.\n\
> \n\
> Specify a new location for sendmail?"), s);
>         d = gnome_question_dialog (m, NULL, NULL);
>         g_free (m);
>         if (GNOME_YES == gnome_dialog_run_and_close (GNOME_DIALOG (d)))
>             return TRUE;
> }

I think this is a bad way of doing it - what if you by accident indent
the lines? Try this instead

  "Some text here (...)\n"
  "More text here (...)\n"
  "Event more text here (...)\n"))

The compiler will automatically concatenate the strings.

Ole Laursen

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