Re: Message Boxes / 5:3 Ratio

Calum Benson <calum benson ireland sun com> writes:

> Actually, for a message box, 72 chars is a bit too wide to be
> easily-readable, regardless of font-- a better guideline is to stick to
> a limit of about 10 words per line (for messages in English and most
> other Western languages, at least).

That's a good rule.  And I recommend to write it this way:

if (druid_data.submit_type == SUBMIT_TO_SELF ||
    druid_data.submit_type == SUBMIT_REPORT) {
        GtkWidget *d;
        char *m;
        m = g_strdup_printf (_("\
'%s' doesn't seem to exist. You won't be able to actually\n\
submit a bug report, but you will be able to save it to a file.\n\
Specify a new location for sendmail?"), s);
        d = gnome_question_dialog (m, NULL, NULL);
        g_free (m);
        if (GNOME_YES == gnome_dialog_run_and_close (GNOME_DIALOG (d)))
            return TRUE;

Thus you can easily see how long are your lines.  Don't fear the
"broken" indentation; colorings will help you to recognize where the
string ends, etc.  This way you can avoid long lines easily.

But you're the hackers; I don't have to tell you what to do ;)

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