Tasklist - WM Urgency


Alright, looking thru Tasklist source in gnome-core, I'm noticing that it
looks like it might be a lot more difficult than I thought to add
tasklist notification of WM urgency.  ^,^

I'm not seeing anywhere how the information from WM_HINTS.flags is gathered.
I looked thru deskguide/gwmh.c (which is used by Tasklist), and it's really
confusing to me.  I've not messed much with GUI programming, and jumping
into GDK and even X internals probably isn't the best way to go.

Using GDK, how to I find the value of WM_HINTS.flags to check for
the UrgencyHint?  Once I have this figured out, I think I should be
(somewhat) OK.  ~,^

Also, what would people suggest for the best way of having the tasklist
notify a users of window-urgency.  I was thinking of changing the text color.
Perhaps something should be done with the icon (make it flash between the
normal icon for the window and a special "urgent" icon), or something.  I can
always add in some options for deciding the method, so the user has choice,
of course.

Thanks everyone!
Sean Etc.

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