FG: Help Me

Hi All,

I am new to gtk/gnome development although
I am doing programming since 12 years and
know many languages like vb, vc, vfox,
java, cgi/perl, asp, php......

I have made a program which was made in vb
previously just a few things are left and
I would like u all to help me to transform
our vb environment to linux environment

1) How can I change background 
   and foreground color
   of label, button and columned list and
   ofcourse other widgets.  I have tried
   the .rc file approach and some other
   approaches but failed.

2) how can we change the widget colors
   dynamically, is it possible

3) I have marked all my labels to align
   left in glade but all label are center
   align when the program runs, can 
   someone help me in this

4) Can I capture the click event on a window 
   widget if yes then how

5) Can I capture the click event on a pixmap
   widget if yes then how

6) how can I draw rectangle on a window with 
   red color filled in it, yes I mean filled

7) how can I change the size of font for
   my program I need slightly small font
   then the default font for all widgets

8) how can I make a column list to dynamically
   sort on column which is clicked

I would appreciate if someone who know how
to do this all can make a project and send
it to me as attachment.

Farhan Ghafoor
from Pakistan

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