Re: BonoboUI: Stock items?

Murray Cumming wrote:
> Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Murray,
> >
> > On 29 Jun 2001, Murray Cumming wrote:
> > > I notice in bonobo/doc/std-ui.xml that, even for standard menu items > > >
> such as File|Open, the menu label, navigation, tip text, and icon are
> > > all specified. Isn't there a way to just say 'This is a stock
> > > File|Open item'. We could do this with GnomeApp's UIInfo?
> >
> > Yes, I suppose we could - the issue is quite how this should work.
> > Either way - I'd be most interested in a patch to do it ... if you can
> > hack one up ? - the only interest bits would be adding the API method(s)
> > to get a translated stock string from libgnomeui.
> >
> Erm, this is far too important to just ask a lowly hacker such as me to add it
> himself if he really wants it. Stock menu and toolbar items are essential to
> application consistency and to translation efforts.
> Also, if this XML thing is part of Bonobo (not just in the C sugar) then it's
> defintely beyond me at the moment. I'm still learning this stuff.
> I appreciate that you're busy and that you probably feel pressured by "does it
> do this?" questions, but it doesn't take much effort to put it on a TODO
> list.

So nobody cares about the Bonobo UI API that's replacing GnomeApp in

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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