[gnome-devel-list] Freeing canvas objects


I'm currently discovering GNOME programming, and I hope this mailing list
is the good one for my question.

I'm writing an application using GNOME canvas, containing GdkPixbuf images.
My problem is that memory used by these images don't seem to be freed when
the canvas is destroyed (and I use gtk_object_unref() for each added
image), so :
 - is it possible to "clean" a canvas by removing (and freeing memory used
by) every canvas item it contains, even if I don't keep any reference to
each of these objects ?
 - are the canvas items REALLY automatically destroyed and freed when I
destroy a canvas ? If not, how can I do it happen ??

Thank you for any help...

  Thierry FLORAC
  <tflorac onf fr>

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