Re: Patch for panel bugs 51201 and 52703

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 01:37:23PM -0500, Dave Dribin wrote:
> Basically, it calls the super class map() method followed by setting
> the window hints. This ensures that the window hints are *always* set
> when the widget is mapped.  And this fixed the problem!  Maximizing a
> terminal worked correctly upon login.
> Now, this is where someone with more knowledge than I can help out. :)
> Is this just a silly hack around a bug in gnome_win_hints_set_hints()
> (or XFree86)?  Or is this a possible fix for basep_widget calling
> gnome_win_hints_set_hints() at the wrong time during init?

Interesting.  It would seem to me as a bug in gnome_win_hints_set_hints.

> BTW, on a semi-related note, xprop *never* shows the _WIN_HINTS
> property being set to 39 whenever "Avoid On Maximize" is set.  It is
> set to 7 all of the time.  This seems a little odd as I thought the
> WIN_HINTS_DO_NOT_COVER flag (value 32) inside _WIN_HINTS was used to
> tell the window manager whether or not to cover on maximize.
> Obviously the WM is getting this information somehow because changing
> the GNOME panel property actually works.  Maybe xprop is only showing
> 8 bits of information?  Maybe this information is stored elsewhere?  I
> dunno... I figured I'd throw this out there too, as it caused me much
> anguish while trying to debug this problem.

This would be because of how the hints work apparently, and it would be a
bug with the WM.  The wm catches the event but never sets the hint


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