Automatic configuration, and installation...

Sorry, if my question is not too much gnome related, or if I'm talking
about things I don't know...

I would like to be able to have several linux machines configured all
the same... When you install an rpm, you are in a default configuration,
that you have to modify to suit your needs... What I would like to be
able is either to have an rpm modified with the right configuration
files, or be able to patch the configuration.

I see the great possibility with Gconf to modify the configuration of
any machine remotely. It would be neat if you can apply a modif to gconf
to put the machine in a certain configuration state. I'm not sure if
Gconf will handle ALL the files in /etc, but it would be neat too.

The other way is to have a modified rpm, which would contain your conf
files instead of the packager conf files. Basically you build a machine
and then apply an rpm command to move back inside the rpms all the conf
files. The rpms will have to add a special section in the %file% section
called %conf% to know which files are configuration files..Then you have
modified rpms that you can use to install software on your network...

Franck sopac org

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