Re: [scintilla-interest] Re: question...

Naba Kumar:
> > "Daniel L. C." wrote:
> >
> > I have a simple question to ask, I would like to know how you
> > went about your syntax coloring.
> [...]
> I don't hilite the souce myself. I have used scintilla widget as my
> text editor ( This widget takes
> care of all hilite stuffs.

    Scintilla uses lexer functions written in C++ that deal with one
language or group of languages which are syntactically similar such as C++,
C, and Java. They are written in this way rather than using regular
expressions as it allows lexing large subsets of otherwise very difficult
languages such as Perl. They can also be quite fast. Some explanation may be
found at:

   Depending on your needs, you could link the Scintilla lexers into your
code or just use the source as a basis for your own design.


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