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> "Daniel L. C." wrote:
> I have a simple question to ask, I would like to know how you went about your
> syntax coloring. I've been trying to do that for quite some time and never
> quite got around to figuring it. ( If you prefer not to divulge that
> information, I will understand also. )...

There is absolutely nothing to hide here. This is an open source paradism.
You give the source .. means you tell everything. :-).

I don't hilite the souce myself. I have used scintilla widget as my text editor
( This widget takes care of all hilite
stuffs. Scitilla is also available as bonobo component, if you wish to use
the bonobo bindings. I don't exactly remember the name, but I think it is
gdl or something. You will find the component in gnome cvs. I doubt if it
is still under development. This bonobo component was converted by gIDE
people. you can try to contact them, if you wish to use the bonobo component.
Otherwise, you should contact the author of scintilla, if you want the
details of the source parser. It seems that scintilla uses custom lexers
for source parsing.

Another interesting candidate for syntax hilite editor is gtkEditor. If I
am not wrong, it uses regex for syntax hilite. You can also contact the
author of this widget, if you wish to get the information on how it works.

If you don't want to use the widgets and would like to implement the
hilite engine yourself, then you can get the sources of these widgets
and do your own cut-n-past-n-edit.

I have cross posted this message in gnome-devel-list and scintilla-interest
mailing list, so that those authors may be able to help you.



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