Re: [Gnome-print] Gnome-print colors, gradients proposal

Lauris Kaplinski wrote:
> Hello!
> I will extend gnome-print painter model a bit, and would like to
> hear your opinion about the following infrastructure:

I don't think that what gnome-print needs at this point is extending
the painter model. I feel like we are trying to change too many aspects
of gnome-print at the same time, too many parts of gnome-print are beeing
rewriten at the same time. I would suggest that first we finish
the admin module, make the drivers get their the print job information
from the GPASettings, allow the postscript backend to set job options
by importing PPD files and enabling the "Properties" button on the print
dialog. The gnome-print-admin code was very close to be complete.

> G2DColorSpanType
> ==========================
> Specifies gradient span blending mode

I don't see why would we want to add advanced features like gradients
at this point. We should start by fixing the most important problems
for users, gradients does not seem what gnome-print needs at this

> What is missing, is vector fill, but I do not like to touch these,
> before I have some internal infrastructure thought out.
> I have used G2D as namespace. If this sounds too prentensious, I can
> go with gp too ;)

Why not use the gnome_print name space as the rest of the library ?


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