Re: Can I develope Gnome Application in foreign language such as japanese and chinese

> Can anyone tell me if I can develop Gnome Application in foreign
> language such as japanese, korean, and chinese.
> Would there be a library call that support foreign language or
> unicode?

Well, you basically develop the program in english, then use gettext
calls to dynamically translate the strings to whatever language you
wish (and have translation for, of course :-).

I think most of the initialization things ought to be done
automatically by autoconf/automake when you're using the Gnome build
scripts, see for instance the gnome-hello module in the Gnome CVS.

As for entering/displaying foreign characters I think Pango
( is adressing that. GTK 2.0 is supposed to integrate
Pango - I think it has already happened with the 1.3 branch.

> Where can I find this information online?


Also if you already have gettext installed (you almost certainly
have), you could try

  info gettext

And the gnome-i18n mailing list is full of translaters so they may be
able to answer more specific questions. I really can't since I don't
yet understand the process fully. 

PS: BTW, please turn off HTML when posting on these mailing lists
since it makes reading your message much harder for some people.

Ole Laursen

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