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Pavel Roskin wrote:
> Hello!
> The shared intl directory in GNOME is still using gettext-0.10.35 which is
> more than 3 years old. The new versions of gettext bring new features,
> most notably converting messages to the appropriate character encoding on
> the fly.
> People who have gettext installed will have those features automatically.
> But if gettext is not installed or the installed version is old, they can
> specify --with-included-gettext to get all the new features.
> That's why the intl/ directory is included in every package. And that's
> why the contents of that directory matters.
> I believe it's a good time to update the shared intl/ directory on the
> GNOME repository with gettext-0.10.38 which has recently been released.
> There is enough time before GNOME 2.0 to fix possible breakage.
> Actually, the projects using AM_GNOME_GETTEXT won't be affected at all
> because it disables support for --with-included-gettext. However, some
> projects may want to switch back to the full-featured AM_GNU_GETTEXT.
> In fact, GNU Midnight Commander really needs new features of gettext that
> the old version doesn't provide. Work is underway on the support for
> charset selection in the viewer and the editor. Function locale_charset()
> would be _very_ handy - the user won't have to specify the current
> encoding. And it doesn't exist in gettext-0.10.35.
> --
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin
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