RE: Problem with aa gnome-canvas

  Dear David,

  Have you tried calling hide() and show() in rapid succession?
  Just an intuitive guess, but that might work...

  GnomeCanvas is one of my favorite things, and my least favorite things...
  It's incredibly powerful, but I've found zillions of bugs with it.
  When I try to enter them into the GNOME bug tracker though, I have no end
of trouble.
  libgnomeui... version 1.96.0..(?)... libgnomeui... linux... all states...
  Zarro Boogs found.

  If anyone could help me out, I could really use it...
  The bug tracking system is... Really hard to figure out.
  I've tried 5 times to find all registered GnomeCanvas bugs, and a few
times to enter some, but to now avail.
  Can anyone help?

  Take care,
    Lion =^_^=

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