Transactions/"journaling" in Gnome?


I realized some not so wonderful behaviour with Gnome 1.4:

If I run out of disk space while running specific application and than
closing it, it looses all of it's configurations. (It happens by me mostly
running gnapstr too aggressively :-o)

It's IMHO obvious, how this happens: the application tries to write the
configuration/ session  to the file by calling fopen(), which truncates
the  file to zero size, but is not able to write anything in it. So data
loose occurs.

So my question is: does (or will) Gnome provide a generic way to perform
a 'transaction' (ie. saving to some temporary file and when everything
is ok replace the old file with only one syscall) to ensure safe saving?

(I don't mean only config files: with GConf & libdb backend this  should be,
I guess, no issue. But what about general file saving. Should this go
somwhere to gnome-vfs)?

Just my 0.05 CZK (five haller;-))


Petr Tomasek,

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