Re: Canvas shortcomings

Lauris Kaplinski <lauris ximian com> writes:

> Hello!
> Owen and everybody! What exactly we are talking about?
> 1. Sreamlined API, i.e.
> errval = gnome_2d_shape_draw (Shape_Def, Drawing_Context)
> 2. Object-based API, i.e.
> Gnome2DObject *obj = gnome_2d_shape_create (Shape_Def, Parent_Object)
> IMHO this makes big difference.

I don't really understand the distinction, or what you mean
by Shape_Def.

My ideas are simply:
 - Basic API is painting, not a canvas. There is no heirarchy
   of objects, or idea of having the entire scene in memory.

 - But instead of a PS-like "moveto lineto" scheme, you 
   lightweight shape objects that you can create for primitives
   like circles and rectangles.


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