Heated agreement? (was) Re: Canvas shortcomings

On Tue, 19 Jun 2001, Owen Taylor wrote:
> My ideas are simply:
>  - Basic API is painting, not a canvas. There is no heirarchy
>    of objects, or idea of having the entire scene in memory.
>  - But instead of a PS-like "moveto lineto" scheme, you 
>    lightweight shape objects that you can create for primitives
>    like circles and rectangles.

I say:
> I fully agree. Since Havoc has explained how this could be done in C, I
> think it should be possible to have a function:
> gnome_canvas_draw( GnomeCanvas * myCanvas, Gtk_Generic_Graphics_Context
> gc);
> Where gc is one of:
> 1. Standard gdk drawing context
> 2. Postscript context
> 3. PDF context
(More stuff..)

Lauris says:

>Let's have something like:
>Gnome2DDrawContext - universal drawing context
>Gnome2DDisplayGraph - display graph system
>So the function would be:
> gnome_2d_display_graph_draw (Gnome2DDisplayGraph *dg,
                             Gnome2DDrawingContext *dc);

It seems to me that we're in heated agreement that there should be a set
of virtual primitive functions that call arbitary backend graphics
contexts. Right?

To start the ball rolling I could post the set implemented by AbiWord if
that would help in establishing what set of virtual functions should be



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