Re: Canvas shortcomings

On 21 Jun 2001, Lauris Kaplinski wrote:

> Very similar problem is solved in gnome-print. The core API is 
> basically:
> fill_path
> stroke_path
> clip_path
> draw_image
> But in frontend you can use PostScript-like operators to construct 
> paths, set colors etc. It is extremely trivial to program, so there
> certainly could be one.

I took a look at gnome-print today (not to deep), it might be a good basis
for the vector drawing API that has been discussed, especially if device
independence is of importance. Of course you would need to flip your
thinking around with the Canvas, as now the Canvas would be based on this
API not the other way around.

> The biggest problem with PostScript-like API is, that you have to
> document it damn well. There are loads of questions, that have to
> be answered soewhere:
> Is there default color, or is drawing without def. color error?
> Do filling shape close open paths.
> etc.
> One can just take PostScript conventions, of course.

That is what I was thinking, you could point them to the Postscript
reference. In general I have found Postscript to be very well documented.
Here is a Google search for "postscript":

A good tutorial for the specific API would nice as well.


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