Re: FG: On the Next Step

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Linux Developer wrote:
> [...]
> Actually my point of telling u all this is to confirm
> that I am going on the right track or not.... thanks
> for ur support....

Well, consider the following:

interface.[ch]: Completely under control of glade (overwrites it next
                time you build your project from within glade).

support.[ch]: The same as with interface.[ch]

callbacks.[ch]: Glade only adds empty functions at the end, never will
                delete something here.

So you see, changing interface.[ch] isn't an option. From the callback
functions you can call other functions from within the main routine, which
have access to the main dialog widget pointer. Eg:

include <main.h>

on_button_press_cb (GtkWidget *widget, gpointer data)
     set_entry_text ("Hello World");

where set_entry_text () is defined in main.h and implemented in main.c.
These can store a static global variable to the main dialog.

> [...]
> lets say I have developed some application under gtk+
> in glade environment and want it to run on any linux
> machine so which libraries I have to install to make
> it running.....I mean on which files/lib my program in
> dependant

If you say glade to create a gtk projekt, only glib and the gtk libraries.
If you choosed a GNOME project the user must also have installed gnome

> One more thing is that if I try to generate a c++
> coding in glade it says "glade not found it must be in
> ur path" although I am running it can u tell me why my
> glade cannot generate c++ coding and where shall I go
> to get the documentaiton of c++ objects which
> represents c functions of gtk+ library.  in this way I
> can work in more object oriented fashion.  Do u think
> I should go for c++ coding or using c is better in our
> case ?

Never made use of the C++ wrappers. There is a Project called gtkmm and
gnomemm, the HP is

> well please let me know what should I do to connect my
> mysql database to my gnome application ?? have u dont
> it or do u have info on it ??? can u give me good URL
> about it ??

Look at gnome-db: I haven't used it yet, but glade has
also some experimental support for it.


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