FG: On the Next Step

Hi Jens,

> Well, actually I think this is a good lesson. So try
> it yourself.
> If you can't get this working read the book first
> and then ask again on
> the list.

well as per ur instructions I tried out to make the
helloworld program and I failed in begining because
the event callback routine couldnot find pointer to
window.  my window was named window1 and it was
complaining that window1 is not defined well then I
looked over the structre and saw that window1 is not a
global variable so how can callback.c get access to

then I moved the line where window1 was declared into
the file interface.h since it was used by main.c as
well as callback.c and wow it worked but you never
told me to do this ?? so I just want to confirm is
this approach right and you all do the same thing ??
or is there anyother way to get the pointer to window1
in the function defined in callback.c because the
lookup_widget needs it.

then I also tried to store the pointer to the entry1
widget in the global variable by moving it from
interface.c to interface.h and I got access to it
without even calling the lookup_widget....but I
understand that putting window handle in global
variable and then using the lookup is better idea then
to put all widget in global area....because we can
face namespace problem and memory allocation problem.

Actually my point of telling u all this is to confirm
that I am going on the right track or not.... thanks
for ur support....

somehow I found a site and downloaded the complete
documentation of gtk+, glib and gdk.

next time I will try to play with some other basic
widget and get back to this list in case of problem.

lets say I have developed some application under gtk+
in glade environment and want it to run on any linux
machine so which libraries I have to install to make
it running.....I mean on which files/lib my program in

One more thing is that if I try to generate a c++
coding in glade it says "glade not found it must be in
ur path" although I am running it can u tell me why my
glade cannot generate c++ coding and where shall I go
to get the documentaiton of c++ objects which
represents c functions of gtk+ library.  in this way I
can work in more object oriented fashion.  Do u think
I should go for c++ coding or using c is better in our
case ?

well please let me know what should I do to connect my
mysql database to my gnome application ?? have u dont
it or do u have info on it ??? can u give me good URL
about it ??

I am sorry but I just need some quick initial help
thats it....and I can become a great linux developer.

Lastly what I see that this mailing list is low on
trafic I mean only few emails come here may be because
there are few members, do u know about any mailing
list or forum which has high number of members ?

Linux Developer
from Pakistan

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