Re: Canvas shortcomings

Federico Mena Quintero <federico ximian com> writes:

> > f) Clipgroup
> > Clipping is present in current canvas infrastructure, but the single 
> > implemention known to me is in GnomePrintPreview. It is simply group,
> > that has bpath argument, and sets clip_path for its children update.
> As you mentioned below in your message, the ::update() method should
> get passed a structure with the clip path, global opacity, etc.  We
> can extend that structure instead of passing many arguments.

Would this mean that a child could "know" that it was clipped to a
certain rectangle?  

I imagine an item could draw itself differently depending on what area
if it was visible.  For example, a table-item could decide that its
headers should always be visible, even if the table was only partly

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