Re: Problems with orbit-idl

On 24 Jun 2001 16:04:04 +0200, Jan-Hendrik Palic wrote:
> Hi..
> I'm new to this list and I don't know, if this was mentioned before.
> I have a problem with orbit-idl in gnome-iconedit-1.2.0.
> When I make ./configure under i386, the src/Iconedit.h is created right,
> especially the #include <libgnorba/gnome-factory.h> is right.
> On sparc, the same .configure creates a src/Iconedit.h with
> #include <liboaf/gnome-factory.h>, wich is wrong and the compile breaks with
> an error.
> The call is:
> /usr/bin/orbit-idl ^Gnome-config --cflags idl ../idl/Iconedit.idl
> and on i386, I got this as message:
> /usr/share/idl/gnome-factory.idl:21: Warning: j_goad_id' underscores within
> identifiers are discouraged for use with C-language IDL mappings
> I don't have experiance with orbit-idl.... so my two questions are...
>         1. what might the problem?

the C CORBA bindings that orbit produces use _'s to delimit scope.

in C++ you might have GNOME::Desktop::getBackgroundColor() where in C
the function would be GNOME_Desktop_getBackgroundColor().  because of
this, orbit-idl reccommends that you not use _'s in your function /
variable names.  Bonobo uses a StudlyCaps formatting, in fact, to
integrate better with other languages such as Java and C++ (mostly due
to Open Office).

so you can either ignore the warning, or use studly caps.

>         2. where can I find good documentation about gnome-config and
>            orbit-idl

gnome-config has a man page.  i don't know about orbit-idl, other than

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