Re: Problems with orbit-idl

Hi Jacob, hi all

first thanx for your explaination... :)

On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 03:32:03PM -0400, jacob berkman wrote: 
>>         1. what might the problem?
>the C CORBA bindings that orbit produces use _'s to delimit scope.
>in C++ you might have GNOME::Desktop::getBackgroundColor() where in C
>the function would be GNOME_Desktop_getBackgroundColor().  because of
>this, orbit-idl reccommends that you not use _'s in your function /
>variable names.  Bonobo uses a StudlyCaps formatting, in fact, to
>integrate better with other languages such as Java and C++ (mostly due
>to Open Office).
>so you can either ignore the warning, or use studly caps.

Ahhhh, ok... I see!
>>         2. where can I find good documentation about gnome-config and
>>            orbit-idl
>gnome-config has a man page.  i don't know about orbit-idl, other than

Thanx. I'll have a look to this!

This problem become "funny", while I studied this behavior of oribit-idl.

On i386, it works fine and I can create a debian-package. On m68k, the build
of the debian-package fails on one machine and 15 h later, the package was
builded fine. So, on time. the Iconedit.h is created wrong one time and then
is created right the last time, but I can't say, why... :(

On Sparc, Mips, Arm, Alpha the build of this package failed.

	Any suggestions?


One time, you all will be emulated by linux!

Jan- Hendrik Palic
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