Gnome's IPC and components


I am writing a litle article about IPC and components technology. I am quite 
familiar with Kde's technology but know almost nothing about Gnome's one. 
Could someone please answer my questions and point me to appropriate docs.

What does Gnome use to make Remote Procedure Call and Inter Process 
Communication ? How integrated in Gnome is it right now ? How many 
applications take advantage of it ?

Same question for scriptability. Is there something like dcop, that allows 
scriptability from shell and exposes all the application api to the caller ? 
How widely is it used in Gnome right now ?

Same question for components ? I know the component technology of Gnome is 
Bonobo, on top of Corba. How widely is it deployed in Gnome ? How many 
components are available right now ? How many applications use components ?

	best regards,


ps: I am not subscribed to this list, so please include me in any reply.

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