Displaying Image/PixMap on window & gchar *abc[]

Hi All,

I tried to put a pixmap widget and gave the filename
in glade and the picture came on screen but when I
generate the program and run it I dont see the picture
and the program complains that it cannot load the xpm
file, I went to interface.c file and change the path
to absolute path to avoid any confusion but still it
was unable to load the file.....please help me.

how can I change the picture in pixmap widget at
runtime...I looked the api help but got too much

in column list widget the append function as parameter
2 as gchar *abc[] I tried all thing but nothing worked
and program keeps on crashing can someone give me 3/4
lines of example how to define this

is there any web site where I can download working
simple examples on using the widget like things
mentioned above.

Linux Developer

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