Re: Building on Solaris 7 - gettext/iconv warnings.

Murray Cumming wrote:

> Sorry for accidentally cc-ing this to gnome-components before.
> OK, here goes:

Let's assume that both libintl and libiconv will be installed in
/home/mcumming/lib and that libiconv is already there. In that case, just

gcc -shared -Wl,-ztext -soname -o .libs/ 
intl-compat.lo bindtextdom.lo dcgettext.lo dgettext.lo gettext.lo
finddomain.lo loadmsgcat.lo localealias.lo textdomain.lo l10nflist.lo
explodename.lo dcigettext.lo dcngettext.lo dngettext.lo ngettext.lo
plural.lo localcharset.lo  -L/home/mcumming/lib -liconv '-R$ORIGIN' -lc
-Wl,-zdefs -Wl,-zcombreloc

And then:

cp .libs/ /home/mcumming/lib/
cd /home/mcumming/lib
ln -s

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