Re: Building on Solaris 7 - gettext/iconv warnings.

Murray Cumming wrote:
> Drazen Kacar wrote:

> > I haven't built GNU gettext with GNU libiconv, 
> Have you seen these warnings then?

Yes. There are two kinds. You get the first kind if the po file specifies
charset name which is not a recommended IANA name (like ISO8859-1 instead
of iso-8859-1). This can be ignored, because the whole thing would work,
since iconv implementation supports that name.

The second kind of warning is when iconv implementation doesn't support
the charset name. In that case the conversion wouldn't work. If it's just
a name that's not recognized, but iconv knows how to handle the charset,
then you can change the charset name in the po file (in this case, change
ISO-8859-1 to ISO8859-1) and you'd get the first kind of warning, but it
would work. I just don't like this approach.

And maybe there's a third kind of problem, but I'm not sure at the moment.
I think gettext expects that iconv library would be sane and treat charset
names in a case insensitive manner. However, Solaris iconv doesn't do that,
so it might happen that you won't get any kind of warning, but things
still wouldn't work. That's where symlink atrocity can help.

> Were you able to build the latest gnome-vfs?

I haven't tried yet.

> > a) reread GNU gettext installation instructions and try to build it again
> >    with GNU libiconv
> There's a --with-libiconv-prefix configure arg that's mentioned in the
> generic INSTALL file, but it doesn't make any difference. Unfortunately

You could post the final link line for libintl and somebody should be able
to help you with that.

> > b) create a couple of thousands symlinks in order to make Sun's iconv
> >    somewhat usable. I can give you a script for this, but I'm not sure
> >    this option is better than the first one.
> That sounds unncessarily unpleasant.

Well, there's a third option as well. Log a few bugs and feature requests
with Sun and escalate them.

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