ideas on default configuration of sawfish shipped with Gnome-1.4


 I think that sawfish is a wonderful window manager, and I think much of its
power (and also power of X itself) is hidden from the average user in the
"out-of-the-box" configuration. I think that this should be fixed as
suggested below. 

 Currently, there is no "destroy window" operation in the window menu - only
"close window". I think the ability to destroy window unconditionally is one
of the powers of X (and is very useful when working with very unstable apps),
so I think that this operation should be added to the window menu. Addition of
this menu item can be achieved by adding one line to lisp file (I can provide
a patch). Also, the following operations could be added too, that are unique
to sawfish (IIRC), though they may confuse a newbie:

 "Delete group"	- deletes all windows in the group window belongs to.
 "Delete instance" - removes window from the current workspace. If it's the
		only workspace window was on, the window is deleted.

 Also it would be nice to include a "Menu for selected window" operation that
will popup window menu for the window user selects after selecting this
menuitem - this is very useful if one wants to kill transient window or
window without decorations (provided that there are no keybindings defined for
popping the window menu) -  or at least use some other item from window menu.

 Another item - default sawfish keybindings don't match the ones that E and
KWM have by default - Alt-btn1-drag should move the window, alt-btn[23]-drag
should resize the window (safish has only one similar binding by default
- Meta-btn1 moves the window). That would be very convenient for
migrating users..

 I can provide a patch that will include everything listed.

 Also, I suggest supplying more sawfish themes with gnome fifth toe release
as a serparate package - granted the sawfish themes are very small - a lot of
nice themes could fit in 1Mb package!

 What do you think about this?

 Best regards,

PS: Could anybody subscribe me to gnome-hackers gnome org in write mode?

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