Re: ideas on default configuration of sawfish shipped with Gnome-1.4

-- Vlad Harchev <hvv hippo ru> spake thusly:

>  I think that sawfish is a wonderful window manager, and I think much
>  of its power (and also power of X itself) is hidden from the average
> user in the "out-of-the-box" configuration. I think that this should
> be fixed as suggested below. 
>  Currently, there is no "destroy window" operation in the window menu
>  - only "close window". I think the ability to destroy window
> unconditionally is one of the powers of X (and is very useful when
> working with very unstable apps), so I think that this operation
> should be added to the window menu. Addition of this menu item can be
> achieved by adding one line to lisp file (I can provide a patch).

This item was removed several versions ago by the primary developer
(John Harper). I suspect you'll have a hard time convincing him to add
it back in, but you might be able to look through the archives to get
some idea of his rationale. I'm pretty sure it's been discussed since
moving over to the new server.

>  Also it would be nice to include a "Menu for selected window"
>  operation that will popup window menu for the window user selects
> after selecting this menuitem - this is very useful if one wants to
> kill transient window or window without decorations (provided that
> there are no keybindings defined for popping the window menu) -  or
> at least use some other item from window menu.

Why not just bind "Popup window menu" to some keybinding in the window
keymap? I use "W-Button2-Off" myself. ("W" being the key(s) used for
default WM shortcuts, which on my system is Hyper).

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