Re: Which sound format to use?

On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, Germano Rizzo wrote:

>     I want to play some little sounds in my app... to keep them small,
> I've converted them in 22100 hz, 8 bit, mono; in xmms (for example)
> they play well, but when I 'fire & forget' them with
> gnome_sound_play(), they sounds bad... scratchy and too high-pitched.
> I'm wondering why... maybe I do use the wrong format? What is the
> 'native' format for the sounds? Or maybe the linux driver for sounds
> play them this way, and xmms just applies filters?

It may also be a real bug... I know there was a bug at one point related
to speed doubling on mono sound files. Make sure you have latest
audiofile/esound that others have verified will work.

I'm assuming you are using .wav files as well - I don't think any other
format currently makes sense.
-- Elliot
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