Re: [Vlad Harchev <hvv hippo ru>] problem with session management ingnome-1.4beta1

>  It seems something broke in session management in gnome-1.4beta1 - old apps
> (e.g. gnotepad and gxedit) are not restarted if the gnome session was closed
> while they were opened (these 2 apps were left from gnome-1.0.53, and they
> worked fine with session manager from gnome-1.0.53 as shipped with RH62 as I
> remember). All other "fresh" apps like gnome control center are restored when
> the session is started. That's very suspicious.

Okay I've had a look at gnotepad [and refuse point blank to install gxedit 
on general principles for having a sucky configure ;) ] and this seems to be 
a problem not with gnome-session, but with gnotepad itself.

In win_session_save() which is the gnotepad callback for the save_yourself
signal, it is using the restart command with an extra option '--ldsession'
which doesn't appear to work; in fact [for me anyway] just prints out the 
following [if I type the restart command at the prompt] -
gnotepad+ 1.3.3 (June-07-2000)
Compiled by glynn cdelab50 on Mon March 5 11:18:24 GMT 2001
And indeed, if you hack the session file to remove this option, gnotepad 
will be restored.

>  Also, mutlisession code in gnome-1.4b1 seems not to work at all - the last
> session I saved gets restored independant of what gnome session I choose as
> default in gnomecc applet. I played (without hacking) with it and failed to
> see it working.

Okay...You've got to be careful here [and there still might be some sort of 
buggyness in the code] but you must make sure that the Autosave option in
the control-center is turned off, so that you don't save on logout. I'm 
going to check through the code today and make sure it's all working :/

				See ya,
					Glynn ;)

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