Re: [Vlad Harchev <hvv hippo ru>] problem with session management ingnome-1.4beta1

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Glynn Foster wrote:


> >  It seems something broke in session management in gnome-1.4beta1 - old apps
> > (e.g. gnotepad and gxedit) are not restarted if the gnome session was closed
> > while they were opened (these 2 apps were left from gnome-1.0.53, and they
> > worked fine with session manager from gnome-1.0.53 as shipped with RH62 as I
> > remember). All other "fresh" apps like gnome control center are restored when
> > the session is started. That's very suspicious.
> Okay I've had a look at gnotepad [and refuse point blank to install gxedit 
> on general principles for having a sucky configure ;) ] and this seems to be 
> a problem not with gnome-session, but with gnotepad itself.
> In win_session_save() which is the gnotepad callback for the save_yourself
> signal, it is using the restart command with an extra option '--ldsession'
> which doesn't appear to work; in fact [for me anyway] just prints out the 
> following [if I type the restart command at the prompt] -
> gnotepad+ 1.3.3 (June-07-2000)
> Compiled by glynn cdelab50 on Mon March 5 11:18:24 GMT 2001
> And indeed, if you hack the session file to remove this option, gnotepad 
> will be restored.

 OK, then my memory is corrupted (I'm not 100% sure that gnp was
restarting, but I have an impression that it did) and gnotepad wasn't
restarting for me. I'm sorry for confusion then.

> >  Also, mutlisession code in gnome-1.4b1 seems not to work at all - the last
> > session I saved gets restored independant of what gnome session I choose as
> > default in gnomecc applet. I played (without hacking) with it and failed to
> > see it working.
> Okay...You've got to be careful here [and there still might be some sort of 
> buggyness in the code] but you must make sure that the Autosave option in
> the control-center is turned off, so that you don't save on logout. I'm 
> going to check through the code today and make sure it's all working :/

 Hmm, just tried again. I'm getting impression that in order to restart named
session, I have to use gnome-session with some argument from commandline,
since when I select another default session in gnomecc (having "save session
on logout" unchecked), logout and login, and get the session I just left
(since it's apprently was saved).

 What I (and probably all users) expected is when I logout (just after
changing a name of default session via gnomecc), the session I quit gets saved
under previous "default session name" (or the one I was started), so that
when I login next time, I get another session (a state that was saved in
recently-became-new "default session"); in reality (behaviour of gnome-1.4b1)
the session I quit seems to get saved under new "default session name" - i.e. 
when I login I'll get the session with state I just quit. This means 
that without involving gnome-session from commandline user won't see ANY
visible trace of named session support.
 Also it seems that "save session" options gets useless (since gnome-session
ignores it and save session unconditionally). (I.e. having that option
unchecked and "don't ask to confirm saving session" checked and without
changing name of "default session", session still gets saved.

 Multisession support in theory is very cool feature to me, and all I
have to dream now is reality matching that theory :)

 Thanks for extending gnome-session!
> 				See ya,
> 					Glynn ;)

 Best regards,

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